Mitton Manor Primary School

Mitton Manor Primary School

Year 6

Year 6 is a huge year for children at Mitton Manor.  This year children learn to be independent and responsible as they begin their move towards secondary school.  They have their SATs but more than that they benefit from an enriched and widespread curriculum.  They will learn a great deal about the world around them as well as about themselves and will make great strides in their preparation for the next big step.  It is also a difficult year with lots of change and some big moments, the year 6 team work hard with all colleagues to ensure children enjoy a happy and progressive year which should be full of fun, laughter and responsibility.  They will all receive jobs to ensure that they develop confidence and empathy with others and their surroundings.


Year 6 Staff


Class Teacher: Mrs K Wilson / Mr A. Sallis

Teaching Assistants: Mrs R. Mills

Autumn Term 2020

We have had a very busy start to the term. This term we have been very much led by our science topic of 'Evolution and Inheritance'. We have been finding out about Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace and their theories of evolution. We have shared a story called 'The Moth' which has helped us to understand how adaptations can occur over time. Developing this further, we have also investigated the extinction of animals and why this is occurring. We have looked closely at the reasons for this and what we can do help prevent it. We have looked at many images of animals and focused on their eyes - as these can tell us how they are really feeling. This has encouraged us to draw them using pencil, chalk and oil pastels, developing our blending, tonal use, collage and observation skills. We have also used our geographical skills to locate South America, investigate the different countries within it, comparing the climate zones. We will investigate the physical and human features, making comparisons and research the trade industries.

Next half term we are looking forward to finding out more about living things and their habitats and how animals are classified. In addition to this, we will be using our historical skills to sift and evaluate sources to try and construct an accurate view of the past. 

Term 1

We wanted to share with you some of the amazing work that we have produced over this term. 

Science work on the theory of evolution, including a double page spread on Charles Darwin and his discoveries, investigation on the Peppered Moth and dough models to show the evolution of the Blue Whale.


We used the numicon to help us when we were dividing by 1 and 2 digits.


We studied the human eye and used tonal effects to help create depth in our pictures. We then extended these skills using chalk and oil pastels, focusing on animal eyes.






PCSO Visit

On the 5th November 2020, Y6 were visited by our local PCSO. This was the first of four visits that we will receive throughout the year. The focus of the first session was 'Online Relationships' where we thought about accessible social media and how we should behave when using them.

We spent the afternoon discussing the risks with online gaming, apps and social media. We thought about the information we need to keep to ourselves and what is safe to share. When we were sharing how much time we spent on a screen during a day or week (including laptops, computers, tablets, phones or the TV) we were shocked by how many hours it seemed to be! Lots of us play games and have apps etc so we discussed what the age restrictions are on some of the most popular ones, and that they are there to protect us.