Mitton Manor Primary School

Mitton Manor Primary School

Governance Structure



Mr Dominic Michell

Mr Robert Ashmeade

Mr Jon Hall

Governor Biographies

(Listed in alphabetical order by surname)


Caroline Baldwin (Vice Chair of Governing Body)

Caroline is currently an Assistant Headteacher in an Evesham Middle school. She has worked in education for 16 years and has extensive experience of teaching and leading a variety of subjects.

Because of her role, Caroline is able to offer support and insight to fellow governors that do not come from an educational background. She fully understands the pressures of working in education and being a parent. These together give her the experience and desire to make Mitton a safe and supportive environment for children to thrive.
Caroline has three children, two of whom are currently pupils at Mitton. She is also a former pupil of the school.

Committees: Education Committee
Responsibilities: RE, English, Pupil Premium


Jennie Breeden

Further information to follow
Committees: Education Committee


Trish Clements (Chair of Governing Body)

Trish is a Chartered Tax Adviser who has her own accountancy practice.  Trish has experience in dealing with businesses in balancing the budgets and financial support.  She uses this experience as Governor to work with the School Business Manager and Head to ensure that the best outcomes are met for the children based on the finances available. Trish has been Chair of Finance, followed by Chair of Governors from 2021. 

Trish has two children, one of whom is currently a pupil at Mitton, the other being a formal pupil. Trish is also a former pupil of the school.
Committees: Business, Risk & Audit Committee, Pay Committee
Responsibilities: SEND, Geography, CPHS


Caroline Lawrence

Caroline was co-opted onto the Board of Governors in 2017. She works for Tewkesbury's theatre, The Roses, overseeing all commercial activity and managing a large team. Caroline is a former pupil of Mitton Manor, and enjoys being involved with school again after an absence of 25 years.
Committees: Education Committee (Chair), Pay Committee
Responsibilities: Safeguarding Lead, Website Compliance, Arts, Music, MFL


Stuart Morris

Stuart is a parent governor with a background in IT and project management. His technical and analytical skills allow him to contribute across many areas of the school
Committees: Pay Committee (Chair), Business, Risk & Audit Committee
Responsibilities: ICT, PE


Angus Sellwood

Further information to follow
Committees: Business, Risk & Audit Committee
Responsibilities: Premises, Health & Safety, D&T, CPSHE


Martin Thomas

Martin is Director of Business Management at Tewkesbury School,  ensuring the strategic business management of the school and its day-to-day effectiveness and efficiency. 

Prior to working at Tewkesbury School Martin was a Director and Divisional Director in two change consultancies providing transformational change expertise to organisations across the UK to facilitate and support them in reviews of their services to show continuous improvement in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

Outside of school he enjoys rugby coaching with U13s, U14s and U15s at Gloucester and at Tewkesbury.
Committees: Business, Risk & Audit Committee
Responsibilities: Finance


Simon Guy Woolley

Simon joined Mitton in January 2021 and this is his first school governor role. He has been involved in a wide range of different company boards in a number of different roles and has experience of public sector governance as well as experience in setting up governance in start-ups, corporate organisations and projects/programmes in both the private and public sector. Having run a medium-sized business, he is very familiar with financial reporting as well as leading a team.  Simon believes that all children should be given every opportunity to achieve their potential and that starts with their primary education. He want to use his experience and skills to help Mitton Manor be the best starting point possible.

Committees: Business, Risk & Audit Committee (Chair)
Responsibilities: Pupil Premium, History, Science