Mitton Manor Primary School

Mitton Manor Primary School

Eco Committee

frownMitton Manor's Eco Committee!frown

Eco members 2023/2024:


Year 1: Daisy and Joseph

Year 2: Danny and Ned

Year 3: Alby and Nell

Year 4: Jack B and Elsie

Year 5: Lily H and Lucas

Year 6: Romeo and Rupert

Our Eco Committee


As a school Eco Committee, we are passionate about working with the children and staff of Mitton Manor in making our school a more environmentally friendly place.


We set up projects and organise visits from people in the community to help us with what we would like to achieve. We love to get the whole school involved with our ideas and are always giving the children an opportunity to give their input on how we could improve.


Why not tell us how you would like to see your school become more environmentally friendly in the future? Look out for our eco mascot, Eric the Eco Fox, to find out who are representatives are and where they will be and let us know your thoughts! Recently, we teamed up with the School Council and worked hard with the whole school to improve our outdoor area! We had a fun day working together to create interesting pieces for our outdoor area, all made from recycled goods and things that had been donated. 


Eric the Eco Fox

Sir David Attenborough's plastic message - BBC