Mitton Manor Primary School

Mitton Manor Primary School


Space Available

Due to low birth rate, we do have spaces available in our current and upcoming Reception class. The catchment area for the next few years is much larger than it has been in previous years. 

Regardless of your location, please consider us as your first choice of primary school for your child. 


We recently completed a ParentView and 97.4% of parents agreed that their child is happy at school

99.1 % of parents agreed that the child is safe at this school. 

Our current parents commented:

"I love the school. My daughter is happy there and the whole team do an excellent job"

"He is very happy loves going to school"

"Lovely school, run by an amazing team of people"

"This school has gone above and beyond for my child"

"The school is great and so are the children"

"Fantastic school and such caring staff, we are very lucky"



For admissions within the normal admissions cycle, Gloucestershire County Council administer the application, offer and acceptance procedure for all children who will join our school in the September of the following year. 


For all parents wishing for their child to join our school in-year, the school will deal with your application. 

Please complete and return an in-year application form to the school. The school holds a waiting list and you will be contacted should a place become available in your desired year group. 

The in-year application form can be found here


If you wish to appeal a decision made regarding a school place for your child, then an appeal panel will be held following this procedure:


  • an appeal must be lodged with the Chair of the Trustee Board.
  • we must ensure that those making an appeal receive at least 10 school days’ notice of their appeal hearing
  • we will then follow the appeal hearing up with a letter to confirm the panel's decision.