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Most children will start school from the beginning of the school year in which their fifth birthday falls. For the first two weeks of the Autumn Term, children are introduced to school on a part-time basis. It is hoped that all children will be attending full-time before the Autumn half-term break, but this is negotiable between school and home, depending on how well individual children have settled. However, the school reserves the right to make the final decision on when the child will actually commence full-time education. The Local Authority’s admission procedures have been modified so that now parents can delay the entry of their children to school until the term after their 5th birthday. A place has to be held for these children; however, this place is not guaranteed into the next school year if it is not taken up at the commencement of the summer term.


Parents of children registered to start school are invited to an introductory meeting with the Headteacher, the Early Years Class Teacher and Teaching Assistant during the Summer Term. An information booklet, “Welcome to School”, is provided for new parents. Arrangements are made for children to visit the school for several sessions, to get to know the class teacher, the TA and to familiarise themselves with the building.


The Mitton Pre-School building is located in the school grounds. Liaison between school and preschool is extremely good and there are opportunities throughout the year for pre-school children to join in activities which help prepare them for school life. Parents moving into the area who are considering sending their children to the school are invited to contact the Head Teacher to arrange a visit. The Government’s limit on infant class sizes means that there are currently 30 places available for each year’s intake. In September 2021, we currently have 30 children who will be starting school. Whenever demand for places exceeds availability, places are offered in accordance with the following admissions criteria:


1. Children wishing to join an older brother or sister already attending the school

2. Children with a proven medical need/Special Educational Needs

3. Children having the strongest claims on geographical grounds


If it should be necessary to refuse places to any children, parents will be advised of their legal right of appeal. They should appeal directly to us here at Mitton Manor Primary School where we, as an academy, manage our own appeals.

All parents are requested to fill in an admission form which includes a space for contact addresses and telephone numbers, etc., which may be used at times of illness or injury. 


Please see the admissions policy below for more information regarding admissions, over subscription criteria and appeals.