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Governance and Financial Information

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The governing body at Mitton Manor meet at least three times every year as a Full Governing Body, where the ongoing business of committees, the governing body and the school are discussed, reported on and where decisions are taken by a majority vote. Most of the work of governors is done at committee level.


The Governing Body is led by the Chair, elected by the Governing Body from within its membership, though anyone who works at the school cannot stand for the office. The term of office for the Chair is set to one year. The Chair is supported in their work by a Vice Chair, who may be delegated certain tasks or responsibilities. Certain tasks, including signing off the school budget, can only be done by the Chair. The process for election of chair and vice-chair and their term of office is laid down in the Academy’s Articles of Association.


The governors are supported in their work by a Clerk to the Governing Body. The Clerk is remunerated for their work. The Clerk is considered an integral part of the Governing Body, although they are not entitled to vote. Their role is primarily one of providing advice and interpretation on the regulatory and administrative framework in which governor’s work, preparing and distributing minutes and agendas, keeping records and dealing with correspondence.


The head teacher of the school is responsible for day-to-day management of the school. The role of the Governing Body is to provide strategic management, and to act as a "critical friend", supporting the work of the head teacher and other staff.


Our School has a budget to cover salaries, running costs, maintenance and equipment; the Governing Body is responsible for managing this budget. They can decide how many and what types of staff to employ, which equipment to upgrade or replace and what the priorities are for implementing new strategies and initiatives.


Governors must appoint the head teacher, and may be involved in the appointment of other staff.

Governors also have a role in monitoring the school's progress, and in setting annual targets for the school's performance and for the head teacher (and ensuring that the head teacher sets targets for other staff).


Our Governing Body uses a committee structure to undertake their monitoring and evaluation roles. Membership and terms of reference of these committees is determined annually. The committees at Mitton Manor include the Business & Finance Committee and the Education Committee, with sub-committees formed as necessary.

 The Governing Body

 NameAppointed byTerm of officeResignedDeclaration of Interests
Trish Clements (Chair)Co-opted Governor21/01/2022 - 20/01/2026 Interest in Trading Company – Clements Tax Associates Limited, Director and Shareholder. 55% ownership of Clements Tax Associates Ltd
Phillippa Jones
(Accounting Officer)
N/AN/A No pecuniary Interests or Family interest to declare
Katrina Perry



23/11/20 - 22/11/24Nov 2021Spouse – Domestic Engineer, Perry's Domestics.
Simon Guy WoolleyAcademy  Ambassador02/02/21 - 01/02/25 Owner, Prose & Comms. Social Media Company
Caroline LawrenceCo-opted Governor02/10/21 - 01/10/25 Employee of The Roses Theatre Trust (1051708)
Stuart MorrisParent Governor07/10/19 - 30/09/23 The Boys Brigade, Heal Romania, Mitton Manor Pre School
Robert KinahanParent Governor23/11/20 - 22/11/24May 2022No pecuniary interests or family interest to declare
Angus SellwoodParent Governor23/11/20 - 22/11/24 Vice Chairman Oak House Trust, Newland, Coleford
Caroline Baldwin (Vice Chair)Parent Governor23/11/20 - 22/11/24 No pecuniary Interests or Family interest to declare
Martin Thomas



23/11/20 - 22/11/24 Spouse is a Teaching Assistant at Mitton Manor Primary School
Robert MilfordAcademy Ambassador13/03/2021-12/03/202528/01/2022Owner of Milford Research and Consultancy Limited
Jennie BreedenParent Governor28/01/2021-27/01/2025  


Meeting Dates 2022-2023



3rd October


23rd January


24th April


10th July  






Risk, Finance and Audit Committee

19th October


30th November  


15th March       


28th June






Education Committee

4th January


17th May


10th July







Pay Committee

19th October    



15th March