Mitton Manor Primary School

Mitton Manor Primary School

School Values

Ethos and Values 


Our Ethos


The ethos of the school reflects the values and attitudes which characterise the community, the atmosphere of the school, the quality of relationships and the way in which the school helps pupils to deal with conflict, loss, grief or difficulties. The ethos of the school reflects the values that the community intends to promote. These values determine behaviour throughout the school and particularly in the classroom. Expectations governing classroom behaviour should be directed towards provision of a positive working environment. The important basis of this policy is the school motto and the school aims and values.



Ofsted commented (March 2022)

Pupils listen carefully and work hard because they have a thirst for learning. Pupils proudly explained that they are ‘Team Mitton’, because learning encourages them to try, enjoy, achieve and move forward. The school provides rich learning experiences for pupils.


School Values


We have worked with our children, our staff, our parents and our whole school community to create our shared vision and values. 


They are embedded in our school day, are a driver for our Curriculum and are celebrated in our daily practice. 


We value the importance of working together to achieve our potential and as a school the team-spirit is extremely strong. Therefore, our values are encompassed through TEAM MITTON



We are one team – the children, staff, parents, governors and the whole community.


Our aim is for our children to:


Try their best,

Enjoy their learning

Achieve their potential

and to Move forward academically, socially and emotionally so that they are ready for secondary school.



The Aims of the School:


Our purpose is to cater for the needs of all children helping them achieve their potential, within a caring, stimulating and challenging school environment, whilst developing as valued and responsible members of the school and local communities. We also wish to encourage parents to play a full and active role in the education of their children. The Governors and Staff of Mitton Manor School intend that the school should continually provide:-


  • A caring and stimulating community where children, parents and staff feel secure and where good relationships can develop


  • An agreed and reasoned set of social, moral and spiritual values ; we aim to foster tolerance and co-operation emphasising the values of honesty and good manners by encouraging and channelling the development of respect and care for all


  • An ethos in which children gain confidence, grow to respect themselves and others, where learning is enjoyable


  • A foundation in English, Mathematics, Science and ICT that will enable each child to be literate, numerate and skilled so that they can approach the next stage of their education with confidence


  • Mitton Manor Primary School is committed to the safeguarding of children, young people, their families and staff. This means that everything we do is designed to promote the safety and well-being of the children we work with, as well as that of children and young people in general. We believe that safeguarding and good practice are best promoted by staff who, after thorough selection processes, are valued, trained, encouraged and appropriately managed and supported in the work they do.


  • A wide range of experiences and practical skills enabling them to become independent thinkers and develop lively and enquiring minds, able to adapt and become self-reliant


  • All children with opportunities to discover, analyse, innovate, create, solve problems, express ideas and develop individual gifts and talents


  • A management style which values people, provides opportunities for development and growth, that develops high standards of teaching and which encourages parental involvement in the learning process
  • A working environment where effective partnerships are developed to address the key outcomes of the Every Child Matters agenda


  • Appreciation and care for the school, local and wider environment