Mitton Manor Primary School

Mitton Manor Primary School

School and Sports Council

Our School Council


Our School Council is a democratically elected group of children from Year 1 to 6 who are actively involved in the school’s development.


Meeting regularly, children discuss important issues relating to events that are organised in the school and present suggestions from their classes for school improvements.  This often requires organising meetings with the teaching staff.  They are often given extra responsibilities at school events and are encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas when promoting our TEAM Mitton values.


School Council members have been given specific roles to enable us to run effectively and to give the children an experience of running an actual committee.  


We are pleased to announce the School Council for our next academic year and look forward to working with you all this year. 


Year 1Hugo and Isobelle
Year 2Danny and Ned
Year 3Sam and Mila
Year 4Jessica and Leila
Year 5Olivia and Jacob
Year 6George and Jack


Our Sports Council


Our Sports Council help us at break and lunchtimes. They run sporting activities for children in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. They organise and support games on our brand new playground. Sports Council also do a fantastic job of helping teachers organise and set up sporting events. Sport Council look out for sporting stars during play times and they reward these children with certificates every half term during our Friday assemblies. 


This year Sports Council are supporting KS1 twice a week at breaktimes to teach them new games to play and to help them work as a team. They are also running our Fit-4-10 sessions twice a week for KS2 at snack times to help us keep active.


Our Sports Council 2023-2024 are Jacob S, Harry, Henry, Oscar, Samuel, Bentley and Emily.