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Mitton Manor HQ!

Autumn Term 1

Our topic for this half term is Mitton Manor HQ! We will be looking at superheroes in stories and real life superheroes! 


This term is all about settling in to life at Mitton Manor and learning how to be a part of the school community. We will be perfecting our class routines and developing our friendships. We will be taking part in our first whole school event 'The Harvest Festival'. 


Have a look at our area of learning below to see more of what we are learning this term!




laughTOP NEWS!laugh

A Package from Lydia Monks
Recently, the children have discovered the value of illustration. They were particularly interested in Lydia Monk's illustrations in the What the Ladybird Heard collection. The children had a go at doing their own illustrations based on descriptions read to them and wanted us to share their work with Lydia Monks! To our surprise, she got back to us and sent us a fantastic package which included one of her brand, new books! Woohoo! Thank you, Lydia Monks. 




A Letter from Sir David Attenborough

Back in May, Early Years wrote letters to Sir David Attenborough to wish him a happy birthday and tell him all about our PLANET EARLY YEARS topic.
Not long after, Miss Hopson received a handwritten response from Sir David Attenborough himself! The children were absolutely over the moon. We are so grateful that he took the time to write back to us. Thank you, Sir David Attenborough!






A Video Message from Hugh Jackman
The children in the class had been coming into school humming the Greatest Showman soundtracks and talking about the circus. So, we decided to create a 'Greatest Show' topic. The children became very interested in the song 'This is Me' and the meaning behind it. They were passionate that everyone should be treated the same. They also became very concerned about animals being used in the circus and decided to try and raise awareness and stop this from happening. After lots of hard work, the children put together a big show for the rest of the school and their parents. We tweeted Hugh Jackman to tell him about their hard work and grown up ideas and he sent the class a message.




A Message for Early Years from Hugh Jackman

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Phonics Information



Useful YouTube Links!
Below are some YouTube videos that we use at school to support our learning. We have lots of fun singing along and dancing to these songs, so you may have already heard your children humming these tunes! smiley 

Tricky Words and Sight Words Song

A tricky word/sight word song for children covering the, I, go, no, to, she, he and we. Tricky words, these are tricky tricky tricky tricky tricky words! Don't let them trick you!

Phase 3 Tricky Words Song

Phase 3 tricky words/sight words featured me, be, was, you, my, all, are, they, was.

Alphabet Phonics Song

Alphabet Phonics song with letter names and sounds. Every letter has a name and sound!