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This page details the attendance data for school including Termly Attendance figures and awards.


Overall school attendance for the year 18/19 was 96.2% which is in line with the national average of 96.2%.


Encouraging and Awarding Attendance


The School will monitor all attendance; any cause of concern will be discussed with child’s parent/ carer. Any absence with no reason provided will be followed up with a text and/or letter. If your child is persistently absent it may be necessary for a referral to be made to our attached Education Welfare Officer.


The School encourages outstanding, excellent and good attendance regularly by awarding weekly House Attendance, Termly 100% Attendance Certificates and Yearly 100% Attendance Certificates and Awards.  Each pupil that receives 100% Attendance for the year are put into a draw to win a £50 shopping or activity voucher.


House Attendance Awards:


This weeks house attendance award goes to :  





Termly 100% Attendance Awards:



Poppy EY

Liam EY

Alba EY

Samuel EY

William EY

Mila EY

Benjamin EY

Henry EY

Eleanor EY

Emma EY

Bodhi EY

Rosie EY

Georgia EY

Ellie EY

Harrison EY

Emerson EY

Charlie EY

Emily EY

Maddie EY

Logan EY

Andy EY

Ezra EY

Jasmine EY

Aurora EY

Sammy EY

Tommy Y1

Leia Y1

Jack Y1

Ella Y1

Jessica Y1

Samantha Y1

Jasmine Y1

Charley Y1

Spencer Y1

George Y1

Harrison Y1

Jack Y1

Orla Y1

Bradley Y1

Ava-Mae Y1

Isla Y1

Zachary Y1

Joseph Y1

Sophie Y1

Charlie Y1

Leila Y1

Seth Y1

Elsie Y1

Olivia Y2

Jacob Y2

Edward Y2

Rhys Y2

Evie Y2

Lily Y2

Ella Y2

Dougie Y2

Robyn Y2

Oscar Y2

Samuel Y2

Luke Y2

Dexter Y2

Summer Y2

Alexa Y2

Lily-Mai Y2

Alfie Y2

Isla Y2

Archie Y2

Elijah Y2

Olivia Y2

Mason Y2

Hattie Y2

Esme Y3

Romeo Y3

James Y3

Daisy Y3

Oscar Y3

Toby Y3

Jacob Y3

Amelia Y3

Alannah Y3

Ella Y3

Sofia Y3

Samuel Y3

Martha Y3

Emily Y3

Jack Y3

Isaac Y3

Toby Y3

Jessica Y3

Ellie Y3

George Y3

Elias Y3

James Y3

Harry Y3

Jazmine Y4

Rosie Y4

Maisie Y4

Olivia Y4

Sofia Y4

Tate Y4

Carter Y4

Archie Y4

Ivy Y4

William Y4

Grace Y4

Abigail Y4

Katherine Y4

Blake Y4

Laila Y4

Luca Y4

Jack Y4

Amanda Y4

Evelyn Y4

Scarlet Y4

Lexie Y4

James Y4

Ellie Y5

Finnley Y5

Harvey Y5

Lily Y5

Abigail Y5

Florence Y5

Freya Y5

Holly Y5

Freya Y5

Zachary Y5

Oliver Y5

Olivia Y5

Connie Y5

Mia Y5

Morgan Y5

Max Y5

Daniel Y6

Samuel Y6

Isabella Y6

Matthew Y6

Rebecca Y6

Abbie Y6

George Y6

Freya Y6

Emily Y6

Cameron Y6

Sebastian Y6

Tazmin Y6

Maja Y6

Amelia Y6

Anna Y6

Daisy Y6

Archie Y6

Leila Y6

Elliott Y6

Samuel Y6

James Y6








Yearly 100% Attendance Awards: