Mitton Manor Primary School

Mitton Manor Primary School




At Mitton Manor Primary School, we love to celebrate our children and their successes. We have lots of positive reinforcement systems in place to ensure our children are praised for their achievements. 


Going for Gold

At the beginning of each school day, every child starts with their name on green. Throughout the day, if children have shown excellent behaviour, their name may be moved up to silver. When the children achieve five silvers, they achieve a gold and are sent to see Miss Jones for positive recognition. In exceptional circumstances, children who have shown outstanding behaviour may be put straight onto gold. If a child achieves two golds in a term, they receive a GOLDEN PHONE CALL: a phone call made to the parents by Miss Jones to celebrate their successes. If children have shown behaviour that is not acceptable, they may get put onto orange; being on orange means the child misses five minutes of their playtime. If children repeatedly misbehave or hurt each other, they may be put onto red; being on red means a missed lunchtime with Miss Jones and a phone call to parents. 


Tudor Roses

Tudor Roses are rewarded to the children for good work. If a child achieves five Tudor Roses, they get to choose a book from our special Tudor Rose book selection to keep forever. Tudor Rose books are presented to the children in Friday's celebration assembly. 


Team Points


Team points are given to children as another form of positive praise. Every week during Friday's celebration assembly, each class's total of team points for the week is added up and an overall winner is announced. Each winning house collects a shield and at the end of every term, the house with the most shields wins a treat. 


Star of the Week

Every week, the class teachers choose their star of the week. Each star of the week receives a certificate, which is presented to them in Friday's celebration assembly. 



Prefects and Sports Council Awards

Every week, the prefects and sport council create their own certificates to present to the children in Friday's celebration assembly. They even choose a member of staff for an award too!



Merits are awarded to ten children each long term. The children receive a certificate and a badge in their house colour to wear. Merits are given to the children for many reasons and are selected by the class teachers to recognise a multitude of positivity. 




At the end of each term, certain children may achieve a trophy. We select children to receive trophies for:








Million Words Club

Children in KS2 use Accelerated Reader to assess their comprehension and reading skills. As the children read more books and take more quizzes, their word total increases. Once a child has read a million words, they are awarded a certificate in Friday's celebration assembly to state they are part of the Million Words Club.