Mitton Manor Primary School

Mitton Manor Primary School


Here at Mitton Manor Primary School, our teaching and learning is based on a creative approach to the National curriculum. Due the changes made to the National Curriculum in 2014, we were given an opportunity to develop our own ‘TEAM MITTON Curriculum,’ where we could explore new topics and themes as well as develop previously existing areas at greater depth. TEAM MITTON curriculum draws on local influences, that develop children’s engagement and enquiry, enabling them to reach their full potential whilst preparing them for life beyond the classroom.

We have developed a thematic approach to learning, which allows for the progressive development of skills, knowledge and understanding. This encourages the transference of skills across different subjects developing greater thinking and investigative skills, social skills and creative learning. We continue to develop practices throughout the school and believe that a curriculum needs to be active and purposeful to make learning engaging for all pupils.

Our children have the opportunity to learn in many different ways. Each term, all classes learn through their class theme. These usually begin with a launch activity, which can vary from a special visitor, a whole class trip or workshop to a specially organised day of activities. This helps to immerse the pupils in their learning and encourage an excitement for what the term ahead will bring. We endeavour to provide the children with as many hands-on practical experiences as possible to ensure that learning is robust and can be applied in a range of situations, including ‘real life’. We aim to bring learning to life.

Underpinning all of the children’s learning are the ‘TEAM MITTON’ values:

T I try to be kind and caring

E I enjoy and have fun learning

A I achieve because I am ambitious

M I move forward because I work hard


M Mutual Respect – I treat others and the environment with respect

I Individual Liberty – Free to make choices

T Tolerance – I am aware of those with different beliefs

T The rule of law- I know the school rules

O One vote is not a democracy – I know my ideas are heard through pupil voice

N Network – I look to take values out and about



Teaching English at Mitton Manor Primary School



We use ‘TEAM English’ as a strategy for teaching English. This is taught in four phases: Try, Enjoy, Achieve, Move Forward. The amount of time spent on each phase is progressive throughout the school and may vary depending on the purpose of writing. The main themes of the writing phases are linked to a class book.


Phonics and Reading!


Letters and Sounds is the scheme our school

has chosen to teach systematic phonics to

ensure that young children are able to read and

spell words, with fluency and confidence by the

time they reach the end of Key Stage 1.


All children experience a daily lesson following the Letters and Sounds programme. This means that from very early in the Reception year, they begin to learn to read and write.
Teachers provide opportunities for them to practise and apply what they learn in other lessons.


When the children start in Early Years, we also use
the Jolly Phonics songs and actions to help us to
remember our phonemes. 


Below, you will find 2 useful YouTube videos.

The first video plays all of the Jolly Phonics songs in the order we teach. 
The second shows you how to pronounce each phoneme. 
It is important that phonemes are articulated clearly.



Jolly Phonics Songs in Order!

Letter Sounds (British English)

Listen to the 42 letter sounds of Jolly Phonics, spoken in British English. Each letter sound is clearly spoken twice, before an example word is given. Perfect for parents and children who aren't sure how to pronounce the letter sounds.

Teaching Maths at Mitton Manor Primary School

Our maths units are planned using The TEAM Mitton Curriculum following the age related expectations. 


Weekly maths consists of;

*Arithmetic Monday - a session based purely on Arithmetic objectives which are then revisited at regular intervals throughout the year;


*Practical Tuesday - This is a session where children are encouraged to 'have a go' and explore new skills.  It will be a practical session using whiteboards/pens and a range of equipment.  The session is very 'chatty' with the children actively encouraged to talk about what they are doing so that they are learning from each other;


*Prove it Wednesday and Thursday - the children are able to try and apply their new skills during mid-week.  Those children who are taking a little longer to secure their understanding are given extra support and intervention.  In a similar way, children who have securely grasped the concept, will be given challenges to deepen their understanding;


*Reasoning Friday - children have the opportunity to apply their learning to a range of situations and are encouraged to explain, and reason, about what they have done.


Rainbow Maths

Rainbow Maths takes place 4 times a week from Y1 – Y6 progressively. This is a 10 minute, mental maths, session that is designed to improve children’s basic skills. Children complete a coloured sheet each day, working on a specific skill set. If children answer all 50 questions correctly every day during the week, they can move to the next staged colour. 


Olympic Maths

Olympic Maths takes place once a week from Y1 – Y6 progressively. This is a 10 minute time tables test followed by ‘teaching’ of multiplication. The children move through the time tables as they complete them. If they need more practice, the children are encouraged to take the sheets home to share with parents.